Rubber City

Sep 4, 2019

Some moments from my appearance at Rubber City Comics.

First and most important of all there were snacks. They know their cartoonists.

A cool and well stocked store in which to hang-out.

And the fans. One was a veteran of the Iraq war whose Crankshaft book was blown-up when a lobber hit his Humvee (I hope I’m not the only one who notices the irony there) so we fixed him up with a brand new one. Another fan brought his worn but still together copy of the very first Funky Winkerbean book to be signed, and I got to draw the old young Funky again. Oh, and did I mention the pizza? They really do know their cartoonists. All in all, Rubber City Comics is a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon, and, if you’re in the Akron area, you definitely owe it to yourself check it out.

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