The Batty Batom Bullpen – Full Disclosure

Jun 17, 2017

Back when the banquet honoring Cliff Anger the actor who played Starbuck Jones in the movie serials was held in Funky, some questions from readers arose as to just who some of Cliff’s fans were because they sort of looked like they ought to be somebody… and they were. I thought that when the Junior Spacemen of America reported for duty, it would be fun to include the artists who created the Starbuck Jones and other Batom Comics covers… and so I did. So now, for the first time, you can see who these characters were supposed to be.

Sparing no expense to make sure that my good and gentle readers wishes come true, here’s a chart to match-up the name with the faces. Please bear in mind that it would be the apogee of rudeness to point out that the drawing didn’t look like the real artist. And finally for the sake of retentive thoroughness, the guy in front with the checked sports coat is Phil the Forecaster from John Darling and the fellow to the right giving the thumbs-up is of course Jim Kablichnick the science teacher from Funky Winkerbean.

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