Tom Corbett

May 13, 2011

I’ve had a number of inquiries about the recent comic book Sunday that ran on April 24th, so here’s a bit of backstory. My dad had always deflected my early attempts to buy a comic book on the grounds that they were too violent. My big breakthrough came oddly enough on a visit to the dentist. Our dentist, who obviously was no fool, used to give my sister and me a prescription for an ice cream cone at the end of our exam. The scrip was worth a dime at the drugstore on the corner.

One time as we stood at the ice cream counter my dad said that we could buy anything we wanted. I had him repeat that so there would be no question as to exactly what had been said, and then I responded, “I want one of those.”, pointing at the comics spinner rack with it’s seductive “Hey, kids! Comics!”  sign sitting on top. I left that afternoon with with my very first comic book, a copy of Tom Corbett Space Cadet. To help seal the deal. I had pointed out that I was allowed to watch Tom Corbett on TV so the comic book must, by extension, be okay as well. Besides, my dad had specifically said, “Anything you want…”

So the April 24th Sunday was my homage to my first comic book and it’s brilliant artist, Mort Meskin. If you missed it, I’ve posted a copy under the ‘archives’ section on my site.

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