Kilimanjaro Coda

Aug 7, 2012

The recently completed Kilimanjaro story arc received some of the nicest and warmest emails I’ve gotten recently including a sweet welcome home note on the final Sunday. Included were a number of questions which I’ll answer here as well.

First and foremost, what happened to Kili the kitten. It wasn’t mentioned since I thought it was fairly obvious, but since it was Dan’s kitten, the kitten went home with Dan… and, no, that really didn’t happen. I’ve got to do some work here after all.

The box under the sign on top of Kilimanjaro has been there since forever in one form or another. It’s intended for whatever people want  to leave there. If there’s any more to it than that, I’m not aware of it.

The notebook pictures that appeared in a couple of places were scanned from my notebook that I kept on the climb. The pen I used eventually grayed-out a bit so the reproduction became dicey. Nevertheless, I still thought it was kind of cool to include them so I did.

Thanks to all who sent emails and the answer to the final most asked question is… no, no more climbs in the future. It’s kind of… you see one mountain, you’ve seen ’em all. That’s about the size of it.


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